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Immigration law and regulations are constantly changing.  There is a lot of information online and we have provided some direct links below.  We caution vendors to consult an attorney prior to making critical immigration decisions as the online information is not always exhaustive or up to date.

Case Processing Times
Aging reports are issued by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of Labor to provide information on the current processing times for various applications and petitions. These are unofficial times, and are intended to be estimates only. If you have had a case pending for more than 20 days past the aging reports, please contact us for assistance in tracking your case.


Priority Date Processing Times

The Visa Bulletin, issued by the Department of State, indicates the priority dates of approved immigrant petitions currently eligible to file for adjustment of status to that of permanent resident, or to apply for an immigrant visa. If you believe your priority date is current, please contact us for assistance with the next step of your case.

Other links

Change of Address

As a new service to our clients, The MacKenzie Law Firm is posting the most recent approvals for cases filed by our office including processing times. Check the processing of your immigration case by telephone or online, or read instructions on how to track your case.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services are now requiring all non-citizens to file a change of address form within 10 days of the change. As a service to our clients and visitors, we are providing the form online for your convenience. Click here to print Form AR-11.

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